Valvrave 1's armor "activating".

VLC Polymer, VLC meaning V Light Crystal, is the strange armor material of the Valvraves that appears unusually lightweight and extraordinarily durable, as a Valvrave is almost as heavy as a Dorssian Waffe but notably larger.

It appears that the VLC Polymer of a Valvrave changes from white to black when the Valvrave's RAVE Engine is active and has a supply of Runes, and 214 years later it seems to take on a fiery gold color.

The Armstonger Cannons of the RM-031 Valvrave III Hikaminari have a charging process that involves "activating" VLC Polymer, although little is currently known about this process.


  • VLC Polymer's characteristic to change color is similar to the Phase shift armor seen in Gundam Seed.