Saki Rukino
Saki Rukino
Name Saki Rukino
Alias Unknown
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Birthday September 4th
Blood type A
Student ID C0427
Year First Year
Height 163cm
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Species Homo Sapiens Novus
Occupation Student
Affiliation JIOR
Sakimori Academy
Module 77
Golden Seven
Minister of Public Relations
Family Mrs. Rukino
Unnamed father
Current Status Alive
Love Interests Haruto Tokishima
First Appearance
Manga Kakumeiki Valvrave (Manga)
Anime The Revolutionary Transfer Student
Mobile Weapons
Mecha Piloted RM-047 Valvrave IV Hinowa
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Haruka Tomatsu
English Voice Erica Lindbeck
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Saki Rukino (流木野 サキ Rukino Saki?) is one of the main characters of the series and a popular idol who has grown aloof due to her career being on hold. It is hinted that she has romantic feelings for Haruto Tokishima but keeps them to herself because he has his feelings for Shoko Sashinami. Saki is one of the few people who knows about Haruto's power. She and Haruto discover the other Valvrave models hidden in Module 77. Saki enters the cockpit and becomes the pilot of Valvrave Four (coded VVVIV), to which she names "Carmilla", as well as being injected with the same substance as Haruto thus gaining the same powers as him (like transferring to another body).

So far out of all the pilots, Saki, Akira Renbokoji and Shoko are the only pilots shown in flash-forwards to the future and later speaking to a young boy who appears to be a prince (who resembles L-elf Karlstein and Haruto).


Saki is a beautiful pale-skinned young girl with silky back-length black hair and violet eyes. She wears the traditional Sakimori Academy uniform which she pairs with black knee-high socks and light brown boots. In an angle, she wears a white hair ornament.


Despite her cold looks and being isolated from others (due to her being an idol), Saki is the opposite of what she seems as she is very caring and protective of others which is not the slightest bit obvious. However, because of her career downfall, Saki is hinted to have some kind of desire for people to acknowledge her (this was shown when Saki used her new-found power to possess Haruto Tokishima and post comments praising her on the net). Saki also dislikes others speaking ill about her (shown when Takahi Ninomiya clashed with Saki and slapped her) and she bears apathy toward adults because of her painful past. In later episodes, Saki is shown to develop feelings toward Haruto and becomes jealous when both Shoko Sashinami and Haruto are being together. Saki's affection toward Haruto is clearly shown when she let Haruto rape her without resisting. After the incident, she tries to lessen Haruto's guilt by telling him that he was not responsible for what had happened between them.

Skills & Capabilities

Piloting Skills

  • Saki has good piloting skills though not amazing. This is shown off in the sixth episode where she took down multiple units of full-fledged soldiers who carry more battle experience than her.


  • Upon being injected with an unknown substance when entering the Valvrave Four, Saki became immortal.

Body Swapping

  • Upon being injected with an unknown substance when entering the Valvrave Four, Saki became able to swap bodies by directly biting onto another person's skin. Those she switches with becoming unconscious, like her body. She also obtains any abilities that their body has, such as good aim and piloting skills.

Afterimages with Mass

  • 200 Years later it is shown in combat that Saki is able to produce afterimages with Mass which were used to destroy the as of yet Unknown Bullhead Mech Which may prove that the Homo Sapien Novus are able to develop much more powerful abilities and strengths compared to genuine Magius


  • Saki's surname Rukino means "stream" (流) (瑠) (ru), "tree" (木) (ki), and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


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