Nw507Un Unmanned Waffe
MechaNw507Un Unmanned Waffe
Name Nw507Un Unmanned Waffe
Model Number Nw507Un
Nation of Origin Dorssia
Pilot None / Artificial Intelligence
Overall Height 14.5m
Total Weight 18.7t
Armament Duquennoy Cannon
Eisen Geist Shields
Beam Gatling/Gatling Gun
Beam Buster
Rocket Launcher
Missile Pod
Machine Claw
Manipulator Arm
Drill Lance
First Appearance
Anime The Revolutionary Transfer Student
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 The Unmanned Waffe is a widely used drone deployed by the Dorssian Military. A Manned Waffe can control two of these drones, while Ideal type craft can control and even greater amount for support. Like the manned version, both forearms are modular allowing them to be equipped with various types of weapons.

Although unmanned Waffes are inferior in performance to the manned variant, it is much easier to produce and still boast high offensive and defensive capabilties thus making the Unmanned Waffe the spearhead of the Dorssian blitz.


  • Duquennoy Cannon
​A power beam cannon stored in the chest of the Waffe, slides out and pivots forward when used and fires a thick yellow-orange beam that can damage or heavily damage most opponents. It is commonly used after the Waffe has defended itself with its Eisen Geist shields, although unlike its forearm weapons it is unable to use it when the Eisen Geists are in front of the Waffe.
The unmanned units have simpler versions of this weapon.

Modular ArmsEdit

  • Beam Gatling / Gatling Gun
A six-barreled weapon that appears to be the most commonly equipped weapon of any Waffe. It does not appear to function like a true rotary gun, instead its barrels stay fixed and fire rapidly in succession.
  • Beam Buster
A two-barrel, paddle head-like beam weapon that appears to have longer range than the Duquennoy cannon.
  • Rocket Launcher
A round weapon with a front dome riddled with numerous ports for green warheads.
  • Missile Pod
A rectangular weapon that has 5 spaces for missiles within it.
  • Machine Claw
A pincer-like manipulator that can be used for heavy work or causing damage.
  • Manipulator Arm
A blocky, humanoid hand meant for dexterity compared to the machine claw.
  • Drill Lance
A drill-like lance that can serve as a piercing melee weapon for the Waffe.

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Eisen Geist Shields
​The two large shields attached to the shoulders of the Waffe that close in front of it for maximum defense that many opponents find difficulty in breaking. When closed, multiple Waffes can link their closed shields together as a wall called the Phalanx formation that can resist fire from an ARUS warship or a spherical Testudo formation; sliding segments on the sides of the shield allow the Waffe to use it's forearm weapons through the closed shield.
Eisen Geist means "Iron Spirit" in German.

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