New JIOR is the name of the successor republic of JIOR, founded by the students and a teacher of Sakimori Academy on Module 77.


Prime Minister- Shoko Sashinami

Chief Cabinet Secretary- Satomi Renbokoji

Minister of Internal Affairs- Marie Nobi

Minister of Foreign Affairs- Takahi Ninomiya

Minister of Education and Science- Yusuke Otamaya

Minister of Transportation- Juto Banjo

Minister of Finance- Kyuma Inuzuka

Minister of Health and Welfare- Rion Nanami

Minister of Justice- Iori Kitagawa

Minister of Public Relations- Saki Rukino

Minister of Defense- Haruto Tokishima


The military force of New JIOR only consists of the Valvraves and AI Impact Boosters to support them, and its defacto leaders appear to be Haruto and L-Elf.