Kakumeiki Valvrave (Valvrave the Liberator)
Kanji 革命機ヴァルヴレイヴ
Rōmaji Kakumeiki Varuvureivu
Producer Sunrise
Director Ko Matsuo
Written by Ichiro Okouchi
Music by Akira Senju
Original Run April 12, 2013
to December 26, 2013
Number of Episodes 24

Valvrave the Liberator (革命機ヴァルヴレイヴ Kakumeiki Varuvureivu?, lit. Revolution Machine Valvrave) is a Japanese mecha anime series, produced by Sunrise, which premiered on April 12, 2013. The series took place in a futuristic date in which is the year 71 of the true calender where three factions divide 70% of the human race and these factions are constantly at war. The story focuses on Haruto Tokishima, a high school student from JIOR's Module 77 who pilots one of the few highly advanced weaponized mecha technology called Valvrave to stop the invading Dorssian forces.


Season 1Edit

True Calendar (T.C.) 71 - A new age where 70% of the human population lives in space thanks to the development of "Dyson Spheres", a city in space. The world is divided into two main powers: The Dorssia Military Pact Federation, a power which grew out of a military alliance, and the Atlantic Rim United States (ARUS), which grew in power as it expanded its trade agreements. The minor nation of JIOR has declared neutrality between these two forces and maintains its peace through economic prosperity. Within the JIOR's Dyson Sphere, Haruto Tokishima lived an ordinary life as a high school student in the division known as "Module 77"—until the Dorssian military begins their sudden invasion! But the whole world will be shaken when Haruto meets the mysterious humanoid weapon, Valvrave! [1][2]

Season 2Edit

Haruto and his comrades continue to fight against the forces of Dorssia. However, many things remain unanswered in the midst of battle, including the past of L-elf and his fellow soldiers' past, the destiny of the mysterious girl Lieselotte, and the feelings of Haruto, Shoko, and Saki. The relationships and loyalty of each and every member of each army will be tested as the clash of ideals and power reaches its climax.


Season 1Edit

# Japanese Title English Title Original Air Date
1 革命の転校生 Kakumei no Tenkōsei Revolutionary Transfer Student 12 April 2013
2 666を超えて 666 o Koete Beyond 666 19 April 2013
3 エルエルフの予言 Eruerufu no Yogen L-elf's Prophecy 26 April 2013
4 人質はヴァルヴレイヴ Hitojichi wa Varuvureivu The Hostage is Valvrave 3 May 2013
5 歌う咲森学園 Utau Sakimori Gakuen Sakimori Academy Sings 10 May 2013
6 サキカムバック Saki Kamubakku Saki's Comeback! 17 May 2013
7 瓦礫の下のハルト Garekinoshita no Haruto Haruto Under the Rubble 24 May 2013
8 光の王女 Hikari no Oujo The Princess of Light 31 May 2013
9 犬と雷 Inu to Kaminari Dog and Thunder 7 June 2013
10 恋の選挙公約 Koi no Senkyo Kōyaku The Campaign of Love 14 June 2013
11 軍事法廷第54号 Gunji Hōtei dai 54-gō Military Tribunal No. 54 21 June 2013
12 起動する異端者 Kidō Suru Itansha The Heretic Activates 28 June 2013

Season 2Edit

# Japanese Title English Title Original Air Date
13 呪いの絆 Noroi no Kizuna Bonds of the Curse 10 October 2013
14 大気圏の兄妹 Taikiken no Kyōdai Siblings in the Atmosphere 17 October 2013
15 カルルスタインへの帰還 Karurusutain e no Kikan Return to Karlstein 24 October 2013
16 マリエ解放 Marie Kaihou Marie Set Free 31 October 2013
17 情報原子(RUNE)の深淵 Jōhō Genshi (Rune) no Shin'en The Rune Abyss 7 November 2013
18 父の願い Chichi no Negai A Father's Wish 14 November 2013
19 悲しみは降る雪のごとく Kanashimi wa Furu Yuki no Gotoku Sadness is Like the Falling Snow 21 November 2013
20 曝かれたカミツキ Abakareta Kamitsuki The Kamitsuki Revealed 28 November 2013
21 嘘の代償 Uso no Daishō The Cost of Lies 5 December 2013
22 月面の拳(こぶし) Getsumen no Kobushi Fists of the Moon 12 December 2013
23 モジュール77奪還作戦 Mojūru 77 Dakkan Sakusen The Operation to Retake Module 77 19 December 2013
24 未来への革命 Mirai e no Kakumei Liberation Towards Tomorrow 26 December 2013


Haruto Tokishima is the protagonist of the series. A student studying at the Sakimori Academy in JIOR's Module 77. Finds and later pilots the Valvrave Hito.

L-elf is one of the Dorssia Military Pact Federation's elite super-soldiers, dubbed as the "One Man Army". He has the ability to calculate and predict the future.

Shoko Sashinami is the childhood friend and love interest of Haruto. Pilots the Valvrave Hito after Haruto's death to carry on his dream of coexistence.

Saki Rukino has a very sad childhood and wants to be famous, but is actually caring and protective of others. She is the lead singer in her school's pop song. Pilots the Valvrave Hinowa.

Kyuma Inuzuka is a rather money minded person but he is kind. Has a crush on Aina Sakurai and after the latter's untimely death, Inuzuka pilots the Valvrave Hiuchiba to avenge her.

Raizo Yamada better known as Thunder is a school gangster. Although hot-headed and short tempered, he values friendship. Pilots the Valvrave Hikaminari to avenge his friend Nobu.

Akira Renbokoji is a skilled hacker and the younger sister of Satomi who became a hikikomori after being excessively bullied in school. Pilots the Valvrave Hiasboi to protect Shoko.

A-drei is the leader of L-elf's team. A proud Dorssian soldier. Later shot in the eye by the L-elf and does not believe in L-elf's betrayal.

X-eins is a member of A-drei's team and is a calculative tactician.

H-neun is a flirty member of A-drei's team. A master in melee combat.

Q-vier is a young and bloodthirsty member of A-drei's team.

Cain Dressel is a colonel in the Dorssian forces, one of the Magius and the main antagonist of the series. Pilots the captured Valvrave Tekka which is later renamed "Dainsleif" or "Dainsrave".

Kriemhild is a major in the Dorssian forces and one of the leaders of the royalists.

Aina Sakurai is a friend of Haruto and love interest of Inuzuka. Very caring but extremely shy.

Takumi Kibukawa is an undercover JIOR soldier working as a physics teacher in the Sakimori Academy.

Rion Nanami is a trainee teacher whose attractiveness makes her very popular among the male students.

Yusuke Otamaya is Haruto's friend and a geek with vast knowledge about machines.

Satomi Renbokoji is the student president of the Sakimori Academy. Arrogant at times and easily pressured by threats.

Takahi Ninomiya is a member of the student council and in charge of the women's athletic department. Always acts like a high class noble woman at the academy.

Mecha and VehiclesEdit



Valvrave is a series of unusual mecha created by JIOR.

Dorssia Military Pact FederationEdit




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Season 2Edit


Opening SongEdit

Episodes Title Artists
2~12 Preserved Roses T.M. REVOLUTION and Nana Mizuki
14~24 Kakumei Dualism Nana Mizuki and T.M. REVOLUTION

Ending SongEdit

Episodes Title Artists
2~6 Boku Janai Angela
7~12 Soba ni Iru yo Elisa
14~18 REALISM Elisa
19~23 Akai Memories wo Anata ni Momoko Kanade


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