Ideal (Blume)-class Mechanized Annihilator
Name Ideal (Blume)-class Mechanized Annihilator
Nation of Origin Dorssia
Pilot Dorssia soldiers
Unit Type Strategic Weapon
Armament Large Artillery
Diffusion Laser
Large Missile
Micro Missile
Claw Arm
Missile Pod
First Appearance
Anime Return to Karlstein
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The Ideal [Blume]-class Mechanized Annihilator is a terrestrial specification of the Ideal-class Mechanized Annihilator that enables the unique tactics the unit itself is the bridgehead by operations under the force of gravity, to drop to assault enemy lines in particular. It is considered the pride of the Dorssian ground forces and is capable of unparalleled firepower against land vehicles with thin top armor. 

Blume means "Flower" in German.


  • Artillery
​The dual-barreled weapons, that make up the majority of the Blume's firepower, are rapid fire cannons that fire rounds similar to a Waffe's gatling gun.
  • Missile Pod
  • Diffusion Lasers
  • Large Missiles
  • Micro Missiles

Ideal Mechanized AnnihilatorEdit

  • Claw Arms
Identical, if not the same, as those found the original Ideal, a four fingered claw (two long placed vertically with shorter ones for the sides) built around a beam cannon. The arm is can be rocket propelled to a target while still being attached to the rest of the arm by a wire.

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Ground Spikes
The Ideal [Blume]'s vertical wing has one central and for retractable side spikes to anchor itself to the ground.

Ideal Mechanized AnnihilatorEdit

  • Head Escape-craft
As the Ideal [Blume] is based on the original Ideal, it is likely it has a Head Escape-Craft as well.
  • Unmanned Waffe Control System

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