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Haruto Tokishima
Haruto Official Art.jpg
Name Haruto Tokishima
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Birthday October 15th
Blood type O
Student ID B0539
Year Second Year
Height 173cm
Zodiac Sign Libra
Species Homo Sapiens Novus
Occupation Student
Minister of Defense
Affiliation JIOR
Sakimori Academy
Module 77
Family Soichi Tokishima (Father)
The Prince(Descendant)
Current Status Deceased
Love Interests Shoko Sashinami
First Appearance
Manga Kakumeiki Valvrave (Manga)
Anime The Revolutionary Transfer Student
Mobile Weapons
Mecha Piloted RM-011 Valvrave I Hito
RM-011(FI) Valvrave I Full Impact Mode
Voice Actor
Image Gallery

Haruto Tokishima (時縞 ハルト Tokishima Haruto?) is the main protagonist of Valvrave the Liberator. Before the events which led to him becoming the pilot of Valvrave I, he was an ordinary student at Sakimori Academy in JIOR. He is also the childhood friend of Shoko Sashinami.


Haruto is what people would call a follower and a doormat. He rarely does anything with his own reason, and often simply obeys the commands of others. He doesn't like a competition of any kind and would often go out of his way to avoid them, as a result, he is literally a loser all the time. Despite this, when he does have something he wishes to do, he puts in 100%. He also has a crush on his childhood friend, Shoko, who upon her apparent death, he practically breaks down, showing he is easily broken as well. Other than that, he is known for being extremely naïve, often rushing head-on to protect others and disregarding practical options in favor of principles.

After Haruto acquired an immortal body and "vampire" berserk state (known as a "Possessed Parasitica Vampire"), he was frightened with himself for not being human anymore and his tendency of attacking others. His fear came true when he is losing control of his body more frequently and in that state, Haruto sexually assaulted Saki Rukino. Due to that incident, Haruto became awkward toward Saki, but he held responsible for his actions. He proposed to Saki Rukino but was declined because she knew that he wasn't himself and told him to not feel responsible for what happened.

Haruto is known to have a shaky resolve as he was shown to be afraid of piloting Valvrave I after Marie's death as a result of being depleted of her runes. However after L-Elf's suggestion of having the other students pilot the Valvrave I in turns. Haruto regains his resolve to bear the curse of the Valvrave by himself.

Skills & Abilities

Piloting Skills: He has good piloting skills. This is shown off in the first episode where he took down multiple units of full-fledged soldiers who carry more battle experience than him.

Immortality: Upon being injected with an unknown substance when entering the Valvrave I, he would become immortal, as he has lived even under the most fatal of injuries.

Bodyjacking: Another effect of the unknown substance allows him to hijack bodies by directly biting onto another person's bare skin. Those he switches with becoming unconscious, like his body. He also obtains any abilities that their body has, such as good aiming and piloting skills as shown when he took L-Elf's body.

Rune Absorption: As a Magius, Haruto is able to absorb runes from humans by biting directly onto their bare skin. An ominous green light is produced when absorbing runes. This ability is necessary in order to power the Valvraves.

Rune Manipulation: Haruto is able to manipulate the runes, although crudely, like Cain Dressel, who projected a sphere of light around him when showing his powers for the first time, in a similar manner and send L-Elf flying over a very short distance. Haruto was also able to power a signal flare using this ability.


Haruto after losing to Shoko on purpose.

In Year 71 of the True Calendar, Haruto is in Sakimori High School and at this time he is competing in an Eating Contest against his childhood crush Shoko and loses (on purpose). After the contest, the group returns to the class where Haruto is encouraged by his friends to ask Shoko out, but he stubbornly refuses to do such (but he still considers the option). He and Shoko are cleaning up things in the school building where he has an altercation with a suppose transfer student about his ideals. The transfer student argues with Haruto about his childish views on sharing with everyone and that Haruto needs to wake up and face reality. Soon after the argument, the school is attacked by the Dorssian mecha fleet. JIOR is easily outmatched due to the country being neutral and only a handful of soldiers are kept. Haruto and his friends try escaping to safety when a mecha stumbles across them. During the ambush, Shoko had noticed a pedestrian pleading for help nearby and rushed to their aid. Right as she reached them, the mecha attacked, blowing up Shoko and the car she had been heading towards. Haruto, devastated, grows outraged and in his anguish vows to avenge her. Right after he swears vengeance, the mecha known as Valvrave I appears.

Haruto(moments after resigning his humanity).

While his friends plead for him not to make a hasty decision, Haruto ignores their pleads and tries to use the weapon against Dorssia. At first, the situation looks hopeless as Haruto cannot get the machine to work until he finally notices on the mecha's screen a floating pink girl asking him if he resigns his humanity. Haruto refuses until finally, enemy troops make his situation look grave and his unfulfilled wish to avenge Shoko. Agreeing to resign his humanity, the machine grants him its power as the pilot causing Valvrave I to become active in the process. With the active Valvrave I, Haruto manages to outpower all the enemy's enforcements to save the city. Despite his victory, Haruto was overwhelmed by his grief over Shoko's death.

L-Elf(Left) stabbing Haruto(Right).

After exiting Valvrave I, he was confronted by the transfer student who introducing himself as the Dorssian Special Army Forces, L-Elf before mortally wounding him. Unbeknownst to the L-Elf, who was about to board the Valvrave I, Haruto wasn't dead and rises in a possessed state. Before L-Elf could do anything, Haruto bit into his neck triggering a body swap. 

Kyuma Inuzuka, Aina Sakurai and Saki Rukino arrive at the Valvrave's location to find an unconscious Haruto and L-Elf. As the other Dorssians arrive, L-Elf (possessed by Haruto) shot A-drei's left eye. As the Dorssians retaliates, Haruto orders the three to move to safety while covering them with gunfire while slowly moving to safety as well.

Haruto in L-Elf's body.

Later, Haruto manages to convince the three that he was Haruto who had somehow ended up possessing L-Elf's body. When questioned about his shooting skills, Haruto realizes he was able to access the skills and memories of L-Elf. Haruto plans to reclaim the Valvrave I to chase out the Dorssian Army.

The next day, Haruto dispatches two guards guarding a helicopter with ease in order to use the helicopter to get to the Valvrave I. He succeeds in doing so and was flown by Inuzuka to the Valvrave I. Diving out of the helicopter and dispatching more guards and scaring the rest off. Haruto reclaims his unconscious body which had healed from the injuries inflicted by L-Elf.

Haruto boards the Valvrave I bringing his unconscious body along. Saki had leaped out of the helicopter onto the Valvrave Iand insists that she boards it with Haruto despite him trying to convince her that it was dangerous to do so.

After boarding the Valvrave I, Saki ties up L-Elf's body to prevent him from taking any action when he regains his consciousness. Haruto bites his body's neck triggering a body swap. Haruto successfully returns to his own body as L-Elf regains consciousness.

Haruto activates the Valvrave I and begins his assault on the Dorssian ship in the harbor by stomping on it. However, the ship retaliates by tilting causing the Valvrave I to slide off and plunge into the ocean. Valvrave I sank deeper into the ocean until reaching an exit that leads it right out of Module 77 into space.

However, the Dorssian Army stationed outside Module 77 began attacking as soon as they caught the side of the Valvrave I forcing Haruto to retaliate.


Haruto states his resolve not to die.

A-drei and then use Dorssia Ideal Mechs to attack the Valvrave I whilst believing that L-elf betrayed them. Demanding answers from Haruto, L-elf takes Saki hostage, but Haruto ignores him when he unbelievably receives a call from Shōko and learns of her survival. The Valvrave I soon overheats but the heat limiter changes from 100 to 666—which L-elf deduces would unlock the Valvrave I's true power. Sure enough, as the gauge reaches its limit due to A-drei's onslaught, the Valvrave I activates its Harakiri Blade and defeats A-drei's Ideal. Soon after, the Dorssians are repelled by incoming ARUS battleships, and Haruto and his friends reunite on Module 77. Finally, Haruto chooses not to confess to Shoko instead he comments that she has a bad sense of fashion. After running away to a secluded spot, he cries believing that the monster he has become has no right to happiness.

The ARUS forces apprehend L-elf while he relays a strange string of words to Haruto. Later, Haruto was given a warm reception by his fellow Sakimori students upon his return. Haruto and his friends try to deduce the nature of his new abilities at the infirmary. However, it resulted in failure as the machines were unable to detect anything out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, Haruto ended up in his possessed state again and attacks Inuzuka but was stopped by Saki with a slap that reverts him to normal. Haruto questioned his friends about what was he doing with Saki responding that he attacked Inuzuka like a vampire. Haruto begins to have doubts about his power but Aina consoles Haruto that he saved everyone using that power. At that time, Rion Nanami enters the infirmary telling Haruto that Senator Figaro wishes to talk with him. During his talk with Senator Figaro, he was urged by Senator Figaro to become a symbol of hope in the war against Dorssia. Shortly after that, Haruto aids in the evacuation of the Sakimori students by reassuring them of their safety via a loudspeaker. Haruto remembers that L-Elf mentioned a loudspeaker earlier on. Afterward, as L-elf causes a wave of destruction during his escape, Raizo Yamada confronts Haruto while checking the school for straggling students and demands the use of the Valvrave I to avenge his friend Nobu. During the confrontation, Haruto feels an earthquake which was caused by the ARUS transport ship crashing into and block the Module's docking bay causing all the module occupants to be trapped.

As the students begin panicking as a result of being trapped, Haruto looks at the time as L-Elf mentioned earlier on that an earthquake and panic will occur at 3:14. After confirming that it was 3:14, Haruto turns around to find L-elf standing behind him, who had knocked Yamada, who ran up to him earlier on, unconscious. Haruto questions L-Elf if he was the answer mentioned by him. L-Elf then proceeds to ask Haruto to form a contract with him causing Haruto to be surprised. L-Elf states that they will bring revolution to Dorssia.

L-Elf explains that the foundations of the world need to be changed. Haruto asks L-Elf if he was a Dorssian soldier. L-Elf ignores the question and proceeds to further explain that using his power and the Valvrave I, the revolution can come about five years ahead of schedule. L-Elf tells Haruto to speak with Senator Figaro first. However before he explains further, Haruto angrily cuts him off and states that L-Elf is his enemy and that he killed him. L-Elf calmly replies that Haruto has no choice but his actions will not go unrewarded as he shall save the school and "his girl as well".

L-Elf goes on saying that it wasn't the time to argue about ideas. He also states that Haruto must stain his hands for those he wishes to protect. As the two ARUS helicopters transporting the Valvrave I fly over, Haruto gets an idea to use the Valvrave I to free the ship. However, L-Elf strongly states that it was useless and that making a contract with him is the gateway to the future causing Haruto to claim that how would he know without trying. L-Elf states that his predictions are prophecies and asks if there was a single bit of it wrong. Haruto states that he will protect everyone by himself even if he has to use the cursed power. L-Elf remained confident that Hauto will eventually seek him out for help and tells him to show the Peace Symbol when that time comes and he will save him.

Haruto later goes to meet with Senator Figaro to discover that he had an ARUS ace to pilot the Valvrave I. Despite Haruto's pleas that it was dangerous, Haruto witnesses the ace being injected and bursts, killing him. Haruto was surprised as it didn't happen to him. At that time Module 77 begins shaking as the Dorssia forces led by Cain began attacking.

Senator Figaro arranges for a fast vessel and states they (ARUS) are getting out of there even if it's just them and Valvrave I which enrages Haruto who was held back by two soldiers. Haruto attempts a body swap which fails, as he needs to bite the skin directly, and was punched by the soldier he attempted to body swap with. Senator Figaro states that he will bring Haruto along with them as research material.

Later, Haruto was seen in the gym storage room tied up and gagged as an ARUS guard hangs up a call by Shoko who was looking for him. After some time, the ARUS guard announces that it was time to leave. Fortunately, the air shaft falls open, with Shoko landing on the guard followed by Inuzuka and Yusuke, who immediately stops the guard with shots from his gun. Shoko then frees Haruto and the two had a short conversation.

Afterward, as Senator Figaro attempts to leave, Haruto appears to reveal ARUS' true motives to everyone. Senator Figaro having lost his patience begins firing on the students which cause Haruto to use the Valvrave I to stop him and the ARUS soldiers from leaving. L-elf then appears within the crowd and reveals that the Dorssian forces have already occupied every Module on JIOR 01 except 77 while showing Haruto the peace symbol. As Haruto struggles to make a decision, Shoko, using the Valrave I's hand as a podium, proposes that they hold the Valvrave I itself as a hostage to the Dorssians and ARUS since they both want it, and the students threaten to hand it over to one faction if the other attacks them while showing Haruto the peace sign, much to everyone's relief. Afterward, the Valvrave I, with the Vurutoga, emerges from the dock and begins attacking the JIOR 01 frame while under attack by the Dorssian Army. Finally, Valvrave I destroys the bridges connecting to Module 77 and pushes it away from the JIOR 01 sphere. 

The Princess of Light

Dog and Thunder

Campaign Promise of Love

Military Tribunal #54

The Heretic Activates

Season 2

Bonds of the Curse

Haruto faces off against Cain, who had just activated the Valvrave II, in his Valvrave I. However it soon becomes clear that despite Haruto having more weapons at his disposal against Cain, Cain had more power and skill. Cain eventually overpowers Haruto and rips apart Valvrave I's back armor exposing its RAVE engine. As Cain exposes the Valvrave II's RAVE engine as well, both the Prue and Pino AIs manifest. Haruto was unable to get the Valvrave I to move at this time. Fortunately, the Prue AI begins to experience problems causing Valvrave II to overload which prompts Cain to retreat along with his forces. Haruto wonders about the nature of the Valvraves after that.

Two months later, after Module 77 successfully arrives at the Moon, New JIOR starts receiving international support albeit carefully overseen by the ARUS government. Meanwhile, Haruto has L-elf and Takumi monitor his regression syndrome, much to Saki's disapproval as he had allowed himself to be confined for the safety of others. Later on, as Satomi, Takahi, and L-elf prepare to be escorted to Earth by the Valvraves, Saki frees Haruto from his confinement, who asks Saki if it was time to go. As he assures Saki it would be okay as he would be in the Valvrave I's cockpit most of the time to prevent him from attacking people. Saki stops him and tells him that she finds it strange that after he raped her in his possessed state, his regression syndrome went away. Saki strips a little and states that if she ever went berserk, she would rather do it with him. Haruto began to succumb to his possessed state but was able to restrain himself and leaves the room hurriedly.

Later, L-elf confronts Haruto as his regression worsens and reveals the nature of the Valvrave power source—information particles called Runes, which are replenished every time Haruto feeds on a person in his possessed state. As Haruto claims that he didn't want to pilot the Valvrave I anymore as only bad things happen. L-Elf begins to slowly cut Haruto's head off from his neck, which should kill him, as he has outlived his usefulness. Haruto accepts his fate claiming that if he wasn't around, no one would get hurt because of him. However, he rejects his fate at the memory of Saki and Shoko. Haruto then questions L-Elf what would happen to the Valvraves if he dies. L-Elf states that another student would replace him and supply the Valvraves with Runes. Haruto withdraws his earlier statement and resolves to bear the burden of the Valvraves on his own, Haruto makes a pact with L-elf to only feed on him.

Finally, with the Valvraves replenished after feeding on L-Elf, they leave the Moon en route to Earth and while fighting off the Dorssian blockade, Haruto resolves to locate the Valvrave creators and learn how to revert to becoming human once more before destroying the Valvraves himself.

Siblings in the Atmosphere

Having made it past the Dorssian blockade, Haruto and the other Valvrave pilots return to the transport ship for a breather while Akira refuses to leave Valvrave VI. Afterward, Takumi outlines a course to the Ookuma District.  Afterward, the New JIOR transport ship successfully commandeers a landing shuttle and feigns clearance through the Space Station's Follow Rings, despite being discovered by the Dorssians due to Satomi's judgment.

Haruto and the pilots battle the Dorssians but the Valvraves soon overheat, leaving the shuttle defenseless. Although Akira, in the Valvrave VI, selflessly defends the shuttle. However, she finds herself thrown out of the Follow Rings and beyond help. Fortunately, Haruto manages to get to Akira after defeating the Dorssian mecha using a new Familiar weapon which absorbs the Valvrave I's heat. Haruto then uses the weapon on Valvrave VI which allows it to function again. However, due to some technical issues during the heat transfer, the Familiar controls explodes shattering Haruto's helmet and injuring his right eye. Meanwhile, Akira hacks into the ground control radio transmissions and Satomi manages to decipher a new landing trajectory that allows the shuttle to rescue Valvrave I and Valvrave VI, much to L-elf's hesitance. The shuttle plummets through Earth's atmosphere and eventually crash lands. As Haruto cleans up wipes blood off his face, unknowingly revealing to Marie that his wound had disappeared, Haruto questions L-Elf about their location who replies that they are in Dorssian Territory.

Return to Karlstein

While hiding with the others from the Dorssians, Haruto stops an argument between Takahi and Yamada, stating that it wasn't the time for arguing with each other and that they have to figure out how to get to JIOR from their position. When questioned by Yamada whether he had any ideas or not on getting there, Haruto replies that he is hoping for L-Elf to deal with the problem. L-Elf returns stating that they need to require a means of transport and states that they will get it from the Dorssians. When questioned by Satomi on how does he plan to do so. L-Elf states that they would send spies to infiltrate the Dorssians, selecting Akira and Saki to tag along with him for the infiltration,

Later, Haruto was seen planting bombs in a tunnel with the other students with Marie assisting him. Haruto states that he was surprised Marie came along with them to Earth. Marie states that she hoped that she would be able to remember something by coming down to Earth. Marie then questions his motivation for coming to Earth which Haruto replies that aside from the situation in JIOR< he wishes to know about the Valvraves and the reason for the whole war.

Afterward, Haruto stumbled upon Marie in the Valvrave I's cockpit conversing with Pino. As Haruto tries to confirm with Marie if she was indeed conversing with the Pino. Marie questions Haruto's nature as she saw his severe wound disappeared as if it was never there. Haruto admits that he was not human. Marie then demands Haruto to tell her about everything including Valvraves. However, before he could explain, Marie was shot in the head by none other than L-Elf, who tells him to get into the Valvrave I, enraging him. As Haruto berates L-Elf over his methods, they both witness, much to their astonishment, Marie had survived and risen again with a bloody face.

Marie Set Free

Stunned by Marie's survival, Haruto attempts to question Marie if she was a Holy Spirit. L-Elf questions Marie if entered a Valvrave. However, Marie was unable to answer both of them as she was puzzled by what had happened.

Meanwhile, despite Saki's attempts to lure the Dorssian ground forces into the trap, A-drei anticipates L-elf's plan, forcing him to detonate the bombs while H-neun attacks the crevasse. Afterward, Haruto awakens and discovers that L-Elf and Marie were trapped along with the Valvrave I under the debris.

Afterward, Haruto witnesses the Valvrave I, piloted by Marie, engulfed in a bright green light bursting out of the debris while wondering who was piloting it. Haruto witnesses the Valvrave I easily eradicates the Dorssian forces, while being told by L-Elf to head to the Dorssian transport ship confirming his suspicion that Marie was piloting the Valvrave I. Haruto accuses L-Elf of forcing her to pilot it with L-Elf saying that she used to be its pilot. As Haruto was surprised that she was a pilot, L-Elf tells him that the details will have to wait. L-Elf and Haruto then rescue the New JIORians who had been caught by the Dorssians near the transport. As L-elf and the rest of the New JIORians uses the confusion to commandeer the Dorssian transport ship,

After commandeering the Dorssian transport ship, Haruto communicates with Marie who had lost all of her memories by that time as the Valvrave I gradually heats up to 666. Marie then questions if he was her friend, which Haruto stated that he is her friend along with the others. Haruto also states that she has a best friend, Shoko. Marie then smiles, stating that she was grateful that she has a friend like that as the Valvrave I hits 666. The Valvrave I unleashes it's Harakiri Blade, decimating the enemies and robbing Marie of her life.

After escaping from the Dorssians, Haruto attempts to confirm Marie's condition, unaware that she is dead.

The Abyss of Runes

Haruto, L-elf, and Takumi learn from the Pino AI that the Valvrave I began extracting the Runes of Marie's life force when she ran out of memories, killing her in the process. Takumi warns Haruto that he is showing slight symptoms of memory loss and if he keeps piloting the Valvrave, he will end up just like Marie.

That night, Haruto experiences a nightmare in which everyone had forgotten who he is and ends with the Valvrave I reaching out to him. As Haruto wakes up from his nightmare, the alarm rang and Haruto was told that it was an enemy attack and proceeds to the Valvrave I. Due to the revelations of what may happen to him, Haruto was so rattled that he was unable to pilot the Valvrave I properly causing it to fall and cling onto the Valvrave V for support. L-Elf then informs them that it was just an emergency exercise to make sure that their weapons were working properly but Haruto knew that L-Elf was actually testing him. Afterward, L-elf announces that they will ally with the Dorssian Royalists and aid them in destroying a Dorssian Military submarine known as "The Phantom."

After L-Elf sends Akira and Yamada to search for Saki who was still possessing a Karlstein agent, Haruto and L-elf later infiltrate the Phantom ship and shockingly discover a covert room where Runes are harvested from humans. Haruto then proceeds to destroy the Rune containers. L-Elf states that Haruto was merely averting his eyes from reality as even if they destroy this Phantom Ship, other Phantom ships will take its place.

At the same time, the Dorssians discover the New JIORian's location and begins attacking them. L-Elf, who saw Haruto unfit to pilot the Valvrave I, lies to the crew that Haruto was injured and asks Satomi to pilot the Valvrave I in his place. As Haruto protests against this, L-Elf states that if they have an army of immortal soldiers who takes turns piloting the Valvrave I then Haruto will not have to worry about dying anytime soon. Haruto argues that L-Elf doesn't understand the feeling of losing memories and eventually dying. L-Elf counters by saying that Haruto doesn't understand his feeling of being completely powerless. He also further states that if only he could pilot a Valvrave he would be able to rescue her. Haruto finally understands that averting from reality will not change the world and heads back to the ship with L-Elf.

Haruto heads into the battlefield with the Valvrave I and has it equipped with an Impact Booster on each foot. Following L-Elf's plan, Haruto then performs a side flying kick powered by the Valvrave I's heat through the Impact Boosters on a volcano triggering an eruption that takes out quite a few enemies. Escaping the eruption, Haruto then shifts the Impact Boosters onto the Valvrave I's arms and proceeds to take care of the remaining enemies while stating his resolve to bear the curse by himself and put an end to the war.

A Father's Wish

L-Elf reveals to everyone that the Dorssians are targetting Module 77 and reveals the means of getting back to space, an antique multistage rocket. L-Elf reveals that they will also be rescuing some captive JIORians in the nearby city of Dorssiana. Upon, looking through a list of names, Haruto discovers that his father Tokishima Soichi was one of the captives.

The New JIORians later infiltrate the city to secure the rocket while Haruto, L-elf, Inuzuka and Takumi rendezvous with Kriemhild's Royalist squad. On the way, Inuzuka asks if Haruto was glad that he would be able to meet with his father. Haruto replies that hardly sees his father as he was always busy at work and hardly comes back and also reveals that his father was a researcher at a certain pharmaceutical company.

After rendezvousing with Kriemhild's Royalist squad, before proceeding to the location of the captive JIORians, Kriemhild asks if anyone called Mikhail was among them. As Haruto says no, L-Elf reveals that Mikhail was his original name and pieces information on the Dorssian Royalist who knows his original name and deduces that it is her. Haruto then catches on that L-Elf was talking about the girl in the photo as he storms off. As Takumi states that they should follow L-Elf, Haruto rejects the idea and states that they should proceed with the plan.

Moving ahead with the plan, Haruto and co. meet up with the captive JIORians who all turn out to be the scientists behind Project VVV, with Soichi himself at its head, much to Haruto's shock. Soichi explains that the project used JIOR military funding to create new lifeforms with the goal of transcending human existence—using the genetically modified embryos of the Sakimori students. As Soichi begins to revel in the project's success, Haruto fails to reason with his father about the curse that their ability has become before punching him and adamantly stating his goal to destroy the Valvraves. Haruto then bids his father farewell.

Sadness is Like the Falling Snow

Inuzuka and Haruto, in their respective Valvraves, oversee the evacuation of the captive JIORians except for Soichi. As Inuzuka asks Haruto if he wants to leave it like that with his dad, Haruto replies that he wants to leave it that way.

Later, Haruto interrupts the knife duel between Q-Vier and L-Elf by blasting the wall of the prison tower. Haruto then tells L-Elf to board the Valvrave I but L-Elf tells Haruto to take Lieselotte while he works on keeping a step ahead of Cain who had anticipated L-Elf's plan of using the rocket. As Haruto shields the pair from gunfire, L-Elf tells Haruto to take care of Lieselotte.

Afterward, while dispatching the enemies, the Pino AI detects similarities with Lieselotte who admits her race as a Magius. Lieselette explains that the Magius crash-landed on Earth a few centuries ago and began possessing Earth's lifeforms in order to survive. She continues that as time passed they created an organization called the Council of One Hundred and One to conceal their existence from humanity while securing Runes for their survival.

Soon, even though having an Impact Booster equipped and using the last of its heat exhaust cartridge, the Valvrave I was unable to cool enough. As Lieselotte inquires if the Valvrave was weak to heat with Haruto explaining that it heats up quickly when flying in the atmosphere, Haruto notices markings on Lieselotte's arm. Lieselotte explains that it is a mark of her rejection to the Council, which constantly drains her of Runes, constantly putting her at the brink of death. Lieselotte expresses her gratitude for being able to talk to him and states it was time to depart also further explaining L-Elf wouldn't have gone unless she went. Haruto then realizes that she did it for L-Elf as he explains she did it for L-Elf as she told him that he loved her but as a result of being a Magius she cannot be with humans. This causes Haruto to remember the time which he decided not to confess his love for Shoko as he saw himself as a monster that doesn't have the right to express his feelings. Haruto then denies Lieselotte's statement saying that L-Elf wouldn't want that and insists that he can make her happy.

Haruto then boards the rocket as L-Elf had lowered the drawbridge. However, Haruto went to pick up a badly injured L-Elf at the side of the drawbridge who was surprised and states that he has lost his mind. Haruto tells L-Elf that he understands the feeling of wanting to save someone.

Shortly afterward, Haruto does his best to have the Valvrave I catch up with the rocket even though it was near its limit. As both of them pass by the hydrogen tanks, both of them saw the light of Runes as L-Elf questions if it was one of the other units. Haruto nearly makes it to the rocket's storage area hatch but at that moment the Valvrave I hits its heat limit and becomes immobile. Fortunately, it's outstretched hand was caught by the Valvrave V assisted by Valvraves III and VI.

Later as the rocket achieves escape velocity, Haruto sees L-Elf questioning Lieselotte's whereabouts only to be told no one has seen her and realizing that she has been left behind. L-Elf then screams Lieselotte's name in grief.

The Holy Spirits Exposed

Haruto, Inuzuka, Yamada, and Akira, in their Valvraves, intercept the invisible Phantom ship en route to Module 77. Akira pinpoints the coordinates of the ship and they begin firing at the Phantom ship. However, the shots dealt absolutely no damage at all. Haruto charges at the Phantom ship in his Valvrave I placing him at risk of a thermal runaway. Despite the warnings from Takumi, Haruto kept going towards the Phantom ship. As Valvrave I was about to reach its limit, Haruto tosses aside the Vurutoga and draws out a Z-Edge katana, and enters a stabbing pose. By that time, the Valvrave I reaches it's limit and shuts down. Fortunately, the momentum from the propulsion was able to carry the Valvrave I to the phantom ship and allowed it to stab the Phantom's engine stopping it in its tracks. As Satomi comments that they were lucky this time, Haruto states that they had no choice as they have lost L-Elf as an asset.

Haruto and the New JIORians that went to Earth arrived back at Module 77 where they are greeted warmly by their fellow New JIORians. Haruto meets Shoko who embraces him and the pair have a short exchange of words.

Later, in a room, as Yamada and Inuzuka comments on their uprising popularity, Haruto was unable to share their excitement as he is burdened by problems that they have yet to resolve, the remaining Phantom Ships, Saki (who is still missing), and the Council of 101. Inuzuka then tells Haruto to do what they can for now as they are unable to tie up all problems for the time being.

Haruto was then interviewed by an ARUS reporter, Barlet at the shrine. Haruto doesn't respond much to the questions by the Barlet.

Afterward, Haruto visits L-Elf in the rocket's storage room and discovers the latter's shattered resolve as a result of being unable to save Lieselotte. As Haruto brings Lieselotte into the conversation, L-Elf tells Haruto to leave him be as there is nothing he can do. Before Haruto leaves the room, Haruto promises that he will swing by again.

Haruto was then seen conversing with Inuzuka on the rooftop of Sakimori Academy in the evening. Inuzuka declares that L-Elf still needs some time which Haruto agrees on. Inuzuka also tells Haruto not to worry about it as there are other problems that have yet to be resolved and he should just go on a date with Shoko at this time. As Haruto protests, Inuzuka tells Haruto that they never know when they will die. At that moment, an ecstatic Shoko appears. Inuzuka leaves the two alone. Shoko relays the news that ARUS and eighty-four other counties had voted to condemn Dorssia for their initial attack following pressure from the New JIORian government hence forcing Dorssia into peace talks or risk being sanctioned. Shoko then thanks Haruto as it wouldn't have been possible without him explaining that the time which they were both in the cave was her motivation.

The next day, Haruto leaves some food for L-Elf outside the rocket's storage room, telling him that he believes in him. ARUS President Anderson and his associates arrive in Module 77 to begin their talks and are interrupted by an international broadcast from Amadeus. Amadeus then reveals the captured Saki and states Dorssia's bewilderment on how Module 77's students were able to stand against them. As Cain stands behind Saki with a sword in his hand, Haruto catches on to their plans but was unable to do anything. As Amadeus tells the world to watch and see, Cain runs his sword through Saki's heart much to the world's horror. However, Saki's regenerative powers manifest, resurrecting her and disrupting the peace talks with Amadeus revealing that she is not a human.

The Cost of Lies

As everyone was shocked by the stunning revelations,  ARUS News reporter, Barlet broadcasts his discovery of the Phantom ship in Module 77's hangar filled with captive JIORians being drained of their Runes and eventually dying. Barlet then cries out loud dramatically, questioning if the ship was a JIORian ship. The broadcast switches back to Amadeus who proclaims that Dorssia's attacks on Module 77 were for the sake of the world as they were fighting an army of immortals and says once again that the people on Module 77 aren't human.

Anderson demanded an explanation from Shoko after the broadcast. Haruto attempts to dissolve the confusion by stating that the Phantom ship wasn't theirs. This surprises Shoko as he knew about the ship. ARUS soldiers then point their guns at the New JIORians and Anderson labels the New JIORians as type 7 dangerous lifeforms.

Afterward, in the school hall, as Youhei Onai demanded to have a word with Anderson, he was shot dead, erupting a panic among the New JIORians. Anderson firmly proclaims that all the New JIORians are not humans and they are to be purged. The ARUS soldiers then shoot a few more students dead. Haruto had to restrain Shoko from intervening and risk getting herself killed. At that moment, Akira, in the Valvrave VI, crashes into the building and threatens to fire at ARUS if they continue killing off the New JIORians but Anderson manages to retreat to safety as the ARUS soldiers start killing off the New JIORians.

Sometime later, after Anderson then forms the Dorssia-ARUS Alliance with Amadeus to eliminate Module 77, an angry Haruto, in the Valvrave I now equipped with the Ardor Grip, proceeds to defend Module 77  with the other Valvrave pilots from the Dorssia-ARUS Alliance until everyone has been evacuated.

During the battle, Haruto loses one of his memories, the memory regarding Haruto and Shoko when they were in the cave during their childhood. Haruto then receives an SOS from Iori Kitagawa that there was a Dorssian onboard their rocket which Shoko was on as well. Haruto boards the ship and was disarmed by the other students and held at gunpoint by Iori. Iori then reveals that she accepted the offer by Anderson to surrender Haruto to ARUS in exchange for their safety. Despite Shoko's attempts to stop them, Iori was soon overwhelmed by her rage towards her father's death and shoots Haruto. Shoko attempts to confirm Haruto's condition in tears. Fortunately, Haruto's healing powers kick in revealing to everyone that he wasn't human. This leads Shoko to feel betrayed by Haruto and she was devastated to learn that Haruto no longer remembers their moment in the cave during their childhood. Acting on her emotions rather than her position as a prime minister, Shoko allows the others to place Haruto and L-Elf in a pod and had them delivered to a Kirchbaum.

However, it turns out to be a ploy as Anderson orders the rocket to be destroyed but Inuzuka, in the Valvrave V, was able to defend it. Inzuka then has Yamada and Akira defends the rocket while he goes to rescue Haruto and L-Elf from the Kirchbaum. Inuzuka was able to rescue the duo. During that time, Inuzuka was able to get Haruto to confess his feelings for Shoko. Inuzuka then tosses the duo's pod to safety and performs a suicide attack in his nearly destroyed Valvrave V. Haruto screams in grief over Inuzuka's sacrifice.

Fist of the Moon

After crashing on a remote part of the moon, Haruto was seen mourning for Inuzuka's death while L-Elf attempts to get help using a radio transmitter but eventually gives up. Haruto attempts to get help using the radio transmitter but fails. Haruto finds a signal flare and asks L-Elf for assistance to operate the device. L-Elf states that they require a power source in order to get the signal flare to work.

L-Elf then questions Haruto's motivation to continue living after being sold out by Shoko. Haruto stubbornly answers that Shoko sold him out as she was just doing her job as the Prime Minister. L-Elf, disgusted by Haruto's answer, states that nothing will ever be the same again and tells him to face reality. Eventually, they got into a fight while continuing their argument at the same time. Haruto claims that he has lost people that he cares about. L-Elf retorts that he had lost Lieselotte.

L-Elf then goes on to reveal that Haruto had killed Shoko's father when he destroyed the Dorssian enemy fleet before they arrived at the moon. Shoko's father happened to be onboard that time as a hostage. L-Elf then states their relationship can never be mended angering Haruto who was easily countered by L-Elf.

As their fight progresses, Haruto reveals that Lieselotte was a Magius causing L-Elf to be angered further who refused to believe it and proceeds to silence Haruto with force. While L-Elf connects the dots to understand everything, Haruto resolves his inner conflict.

As both realize that they can't die yet, Haruto was suddenly engulfed in a sphere of light sending L-Elf flying over a very short distance. The duo then decides to put aside their differences, and agree to build a unified world where everyone including humans and Magius can live in peace. They then manage to ignite a rescue flare using Haruto's Magius power which draws a squadron of Dorssian mecha. Fortunately,  Saki and the Valvrave IV shows up to rescue them. With L-Elf telling Haruto to make a pact to unveil the world, Haruto corrects L-Elf by telling him that it wasn't a pact but a promise.

Module 77 Recapture Strategy

Haruto and Saki fly to the battlefield, in Valvrave IV, where the others are fighting with Dorssian's forces, assisting the other Valvrave pilots to protect the ship, while L-Elf is being left out on the moon in order to infiltrate the Dorssian ship. Haruto and Saki land on the ship where they still believe Haruto and Valvrave pilots are allies. Then, Haruto told them his plan to create a world where humans and Magius can live together. He plans to get Module 77 back from the hands of the Dorssia-ARUS alliance by attacking from the outside while L-Elf attacks from the inside.

After that, Haruto and Saki are seen resting, Saki asked Haruto how much he remembers, as the price of using the Magius powers are Runes or memories. Haruto told her that he still remembers everything, though he already has forgotten a little of his childhood. He then makes a promise with Saki that they will not give up until the end, to which Saki agreed.

Haruto, with Akira in Valvrave VI, decided to go to the rocket where Shoko resides and the injured students that think they are dangerous. Shoko decided to meet Haruto. She thanked him for saving them from the Dorssia-ARUS forces, but she requests him to restrict himself to the hangar as she is uncertain if he is still a threat or not. Akira, still in Valvrave VI, was enraged by that and punched the floor. Haruto told Shoko that he shouldn't have lied to her, and maybe they can found a way to solve their problems. He then told them that he will unveil the lies of the world, and then he goes to board the Valvrave I. Pino told Haruto that Shoko has been inside and cried for ages while saying "I'm sorry Haruto. I'm sorry". He is surprised to hear that, and laughing while crying, asking why can't they catch a break.

They then proceed to start the recapturing of Module 77. They must cover Valvrave VI to hack the satellite that broadcast the speech of Amadeus, while A-Drei, L-Elf, and X-Eins allied together to expose the lies. Haruto and the others are attacking the Dorssia-ARUS units in order to open a path for Valvrave VI, but the Dorssia-ARUS units are falling back, in order to wait for the Valvraves to overheat, and stopped moving. Haruto, knowing that fact, using Valvrave I to hold hands with Valvrave IV and Valvrave III so the Impact Boosters can absorb the heat.

Haruto soon used up a large number of Runes and started to forget more about his childhood with Shoko. They are engaged by so many Ideal-Class machines, and Saki fought them alone, telling the others to advance first. Haruto left her with a pair of Impact Boosters.

As they advance forward, Haruto started to lose more of his childhood memories with Shoko. Even though repeatedly stating that he doesn't want to forget her, he decides to continue fighting in order for the plan to succeed. Haruto manages to clear a path for Valvrave VI but was forced into fighting the other forces that Q-Vier brought along, with Yamada arriving later to drop Valvrave V's shield to defend Valvrave VI from further attacks before proceeding to engage the enemies. Later, Haruto witnesses the enemies shooting a nearly destroyed Valvrave III until it explodes, killing Yamada. Akira and Haruto screamed over Yamada's death. Haruto entrusts his hopes to L-Elf by yelling his name.

Liberation Towards Tomorrow

Haruto dashes in to protect Akira from Cain in his completed Valvrave II. During the battle, Haruto was stunned by Valvrave II's power. X-Eins then arrives in his Kirchbaum and proceeds to fight Cain to avenge H-Neun. A surprised Haruto wonders why they are fighting among themselves and wonders if it was part of L-Elf's plans. Haruto notices Akira charging into battle in her damaged Valvrave VI and persuades her not to do so.

As the battle progresses, Haruto attempts to destroy Valvrave II's sword which he fails to so due to the unit's capabilities. Haruto also begins to lose more of his memories but forces himself to continue fighting. Haruto was then able to close in on Cain and the two fighters enter a deadlock. During the deadlock, Haruto was able to slightly damage the Valvrave II but Cain, being more skilled than him, was able to land a powerful kick on the Valvrave I and fires a powerful blast forcing Haruto to defend himself. Haruto then crashes into Module 77 due to the force of the blast.

Afterward, Haruto, who had blacked out from the crash, finds L-Elf outside the Valvrave I telling him to body jack him as he was not on par with Cain in terms of skill. Haruto, now in L-Elf's body, resumes his fight with Cain. The fight was on a somewhat even footing thanks to L-Elf's combat skills and Haruto's power.

Cain was able to send the Valvrave I crashing onto a bridge and states that Haruto understands nothing and the Council of 101 was not evil as he perceived it to be and that they are the champions of justice who safeguards th peace of the world. Haruto was unable to agree with Cain on that. 

Both Haruto and Cain take the battle outside in space once more. Cain is able to damage the Valvrave I's front and rear armor which covers the RAVE engine causing Haruto's Runes to leak out quickly and lose more of his memories. Haruto begins to have doubts about whether they can defeat Cain or not. However, after listening to Cain's words and realizes that he wanted a system where both humans and Magius can live together, Haruto uses more of his Runes right after Cain, exposes Valvrave I's RAVE engine completely to retrieve Pino. Haruto then states that Cain had given up on such a dream and uses L-Elf and Shoko as examples of people who continued to fight after suffering. Haruto's power increases drastically after cementing his resolve to fight for those who had been hurt over and over again.

Haruto soon begins to overpower Cain and causes the Valvrave II to shut down after damaging its RAVE engine. Haruto emerges as the victor by landing a Rune infused stab through the cockpit of the Valvrave II. At that moment, Haruto loses his memories completely and the Valvrave II explodes, killing Cain.

Sometime later, Haruto was awoken, with lifeless eyes, by L-Elf and shocks L-Elf as he no longer remembers anything. As Haruto questions L-Elf whether he knows him or not, L-Elf replies tearfully that Haruto is his friend. Haruto then surprises L-Elf by gently punching him with his eyes full of life, signifying that Haruto may have recalled their friendship before dying.

In the future, a statue of Haruto and those who sacrificed themselves were seen in the New Kingdom's Memorial Core. Shoko, now a Magius was seen wearing Haruto's pilot suit, examining Haruto's statue as a pair of Lifeform 53s enters the place. Shoko then questions if they were expecting a secret weapon and explains that the statues of heroes they call The First Knights. Shoko further explains that they are people who were dear to her and died one by one while on the way to discovering the country. Shoko then asks them to try to be friends even though it won't solve everything but it would take all their pain and joy and go halfsies.


Shoko Sashinami

Haruto and Shoko are childhood friends who grew up together. Being a good friend, Shoko usually speaks on behalf of Haruto whenever he gets into tough situations such as their first encounter with L-Elf. Because of this, both have unexpressed feelings for each other. Upon thinking Shoko had been killed in the attack by Dorssia, Haruto was motivated to avenge her apparent death.

L-elf Karlstein

In their first encounter, L-elf overhears Haruto's conversation with Shoko about splitting the school-grounds equally and violently expresses his thoughts on it, throwing Haruto to the floor and asking whether he'd split love for a girl into halves. L-elf's real mission was to locate secret weapons built by the apparently neutral nation of JIOR, the Valvraves, one of which, Haruto had stumbled upon and became its pilot meaning he was an obstacle, thus L-elf killed Haruto just as he did with other innocent people that got in his way. However Haruto was not truly dead and used his newly gained powers to take control of L-elf's body and later go up against his comrades, now that L-elf was framed as a traitor by Dorssia, his only salvation was Sakimori Academy, there he asked Haruto to help him achieve his real goal, to bring a revolution to Dorssia as allies.

Saki Rukino

Upon seeing Haruto's fame in piloting, Saki, a fallen star, realized she needed to leave a mark on history too. She voluntarily activated her Magius powers and became the pilot of RM-047 Valvrave IV Hinowa as Haruto had done, she took pictures with the unconscious Haruto and posted them on WIRED to revitalize her stardom.


  • His favorite food was beef stew.
  • His most disliked food is celery.
  • His hobby is biking.
  • His weakness was a game of rock paper scissors.
  • He has a strong sense of responsibility.

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