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Valvrave I using Hard Afterglow

Hard Afterglow (硬質残光 Kōshitsu Zankō?) is the strange "light" that the Valvraves and their RAVE Engines produce and channel through their devices and equipment. It is also referred to as "RAVE Energy".

Magius entities have the ability to naturally conjure this supernatural phenomenon, although it exhausts them of their Runes.


The strange "light" utilized by the Valvraves is a strange substance with a variety of properties and effects that make it different from anything found in nature, it can be either in an energy-like state or moldable solid that resembles crystal or glass, that will eventually dissipate or seemingly shatter. Due to the high amount of strength and energy it possesses as well as it's tendency to be sharply shaped when conjured, it can be used as a dramatically impressive weapon or defense.

Much like the Valvraves and the RAVE Engine itself, Hard Afterglow appears to have a relationship with thermal energy, many devices that use Hard Afterglow, such as Valvrave I's Z-Edges and Volc Arm, gain waste heat after extended use.

The Hard Afterglow conjured directed by a Magius does not appear to sharply shaped or seen to be solid as they have only been observed using it as a means of propulsion.

Devices and Known UsesEdit

On the ends of the wrist and on the back of the heels of the Valvrave are emitters made of a Clear Fossil cover and what appears to be heat sink fins underneath with their small edges protruding out of the outer edge of the emitter. While they serve as a Valvrave's primary means of propulsion they are also used to conjure Hard Afterglow for various offensive and defensive purposes, the color of which appears to be dependent on the color of the emitter and the color theme of the Valvrave itself.

An Impact Booster can attach to a Valvrave near one of these emitters to greatly enhance its capabilities, notably with manipulating Hard Afterglow allowing for ranged laser-like beams and even a powerful punching or kicking attack that uses the same superheated energy as the "Harakiri Blade".

The Buzz Buster used by the Kagerou (Nao use) and Valvrave I Full Impact fires explosive/incendiary shells.

Valvrave II has demonstrated the ability to generate the most durable and stable Hard Afterglow, and can even produce melee weapons. It is conceivable that both Kagerou Valvraves are capable of this as well to an extent as seen with the V-Swordkill used by the Kagerou (Jin use) and Valvrave VII.

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  • On the model kits Hard Afterglow is presented with clear parts, along with Clear Fossil.
  • Hard Afterglow has similarities to the Hard Light technology used by the Forerunners in the Halo franchise.