Kakumeiki valvrave Dyson Sphere

Dyson Sphere

Dyson Spheres are massive "space cities" located at the L1 Lagrange Point between the Earth and the Moon. By True Era 71, 70% of Earth's population lives in at least four of these Dyson Spheres.


A Dyson Sphere is a massive spherical structure roughly 2 to 3 hundred kilometers in diameter with an artificial sun in the center.

The surface of a Dyson Sphere is a honeycomb structure of hexagonal Modules that all have a dome approximately 10 kilometers in diameter on their sun-ward sides. Spaceships can enter a module's waterway directly and be docked within as a seafaring vessel. The modules themselves are equipped with anti-debris magnetic shields and defense turrets on the side opposite the sun-ward side.

JIOR has at least one Dyson Sphere.


The existence of a Graviton Core implies that in the world of Valvrave, people have discovered and can manipulate gravitons, which would explain how artificial gravity systems on the modules of Dyson Spheres function.



  • Dyson spheres are the equivalent of space colonies that are commonly found in the Gundam franchise.

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