Clear Fossil is a durable, semi-transparent material used in the devices of the Valvraves to project and manipulate the energies of their RAVE Engines in the form of Hard Afterglow.

Numerous equipment and devices used by the Valvraves, such as the bladed weapons like Valvrave I's Z-edges, the IMP of Valvrave V and the emitters on the wrists and heels of all the Valvraves are made of Clear Fossil. Senses Nerves may be constructed from this material as well.

On the ends of the wrists and on the back of the heels of the Valvraves are emitters made of a Clear Fossil cover and what appears to be heat sink fins underneath with their small edges protruding out of the outer edge of the emitter. While they serve as a Valvrave's primary means of propulsion they are also used to conjure Hard Afterglow for various offensive and defensive purposes, the color of which appears to be dependent on the color of the emitter and the color theme of the Valvrave itself.

The spaceship the Magius crash landed in appeared to have Senses Nerves and may be the origin of Clear Fossil.